Teosyal Redensity II is the only hyaluronic acid injection specially designed for periorbital injections, which can also solve the problems of dark circles, tear grooves, fine lines around the eyes, and weakened eye elasticity.

The innovative formula of this needle is a very clever combination of non-crosslinked and low-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, making it a softer gel structure than other hyaluronic acids. It can smoothly fill the tear grooves and eye wrinkles under the eyes, and restore the tightness of the skin around the eyes. It makes the skin plump, and there will be no side effects of uneven skin surface after filling; And because Taio Panda Needle contains a variety of amino acids and micro minerals, it can deeply nourish the skin around the eyes and improve dryness, sagging and dullness. Eye problems that occur.

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Taio Panda Needle Injection Tutorial Taio’s use method:

Apply ice before injection to reduce the possibility of bruising on the edge of the eye! Insert the needle obliquely from the bottom to the top. First find the position of the dark circles, and then withdraw the needle while injecting. It is about 0.01 points back once. The first injection is a little bit deeper. After the injection, knead and rub to prevent small particles. , 2-3 times the dark circles disappear, two eyes are enough! You can also make lying silkworms to add tear ditch, one product is multi-purpose!

The Taio Panda Needle can last for about 12 months.

Is the panda needle effective for removing dark circles? perfectly worked! Eye bags can be divided into three types

  1. Simple orbicularis oculi hypertrophy type eye bags, lying silkworms are too wide, giving people the swelling of the lower eyelids, and the illusion of lying silkworms becoming bags under the eyes. With age, the metabolism is too slow, and the subcutaneous tissue of the eyelid is thin and loose, which leads to accumulation of fat and water, and edema, resulting in kangaroo-shaped eye bags.
  2. Pouch tear groove, tear groove refers to a groove that appears from the inner corner of the eye on the nasal side of the lower eyelid. It is caused by the atrophy and drooping of the soft tissue of the lower edge of the orbital septum, and some people can even extend to the cheek.
  3. Due to the contrast between the depression of the tear groove and the surrounding skin, the lower eyelid tissue looks a little bloated and protruding, which can easily be regarded as eye bags, but in fact it is just the illusion that the tear groove becomes deeper.

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How often is the panda needle shot? Look at one’s own face and usually take injections every 15 to 20 days. Generally, injections are given in accordance with the course of treatment. A course of treatment is divided into 4 times. Of course, everyone’s physique is different, and the speed of metabolism is also different, so the specific interval of the panda needle injection should be determined according to the actual situation.

Eye bags are protruding, bag-shaped tear grooves, tear groove-type dark circles are caused by the loss of collagen tissue of the skin under the eyes, causing the skin under the eyes to become thin and sunken. Hyaluronic acid, as a hydrating product, is added to the face, not subtracted.

By injecting hyaluronic acid to remove dark circles, it is mainly used to fill and repair the thin skin and the shadow of the recesses to remove dark circles. If the skin becomes thicker, the blood vessels will not show up naturally, and the purpose of removing dark circles will be achieved.

So Taio 2 is aimed at tear-drenched dark circles, which solves the problem of dark circles and tear-drenched collapse. The tear groove is no longer sunken, and there is no illusion of eye bags.

people suitble

People with obvious eye problems, such as: dark circles, fine lines around the eyes, tear grooves, etc.; aging people who look haggard because of loose eye skin; people who have weak skin under the eyes and those with less fat under the eyes.

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Points to note after the panda injection:

  1. Do not exercise vigorously within 24 to 48 hours of injecting the panda needle. 2. Do not touch the needle with water within 24 hours after the panda needle is injected to prevent inflammation of the needle. 3. Do not press hard on your face within 3 weeks after the panda needle is injected to prevent facial distortion. 4. Do not eat greasy food and drink plenty of water within half an hour after the panda injection.

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Which is better, Taio Panda Stitch or Hi-body Panda Stitch? Different effects?

泰奧熊貓針 (Teosyal Redensity II) 是唯獨一款專為眶週注射療程而設計,能一併解決黑眼圈、淚溝、眼周細紋、眼部彈性減弱等問題的玻尿酸針劑。

此針的創新配方非常巧妙的融合非交聯和低交聯玻尿酸,成就了它比起其他玻尿酸更加柔軟的膠凝結構,能夠平順地填充眼底淚溝和眼部皺紋,讓眼周皮膚恢復緊致飽滿,而且填充後不會出現皮膚表面凹凸不平的副作用; 又因為泰奧熊貓針含有多種氨基酸和微礦物質,能夠深層次滋養眼周肌膚,改善乾燥、鬆弛和暗沉等亞洲人經常出現的眼部問題。
















眼部問題明顯人群,例如:黑眼圈、眼周細紋、淚溝等; 因為眼部皮膚鬆弛看上去憔悴的衰老者; 眼底皮膚薄弱者和眼底脂肪少者。



1、注射熊貓針24至48小時內,不要做劇烈運動。 2、注射熊貓針24小時內後,不能用水碰到針口,防止針口發炎。 3、注射熊貓針後3週之內不可以用力按壓臉部,防止臉部扭曲。 4、注射熊貓針後半個小時之內不要吃油膩的食物,要多喝水。



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