Someone asked Fillmed Philojia what else is the area of 135ha, mha10, and mha18⁉️

The idea is now arriving, the total people have asked 135ha, mha10, mha18 what else is the area ⁉️


①Filoga 135Ha is an active element, which can supplement the skin’s bottom layer to nourish and resist aging.

②Filoga mha10 and mha18 are basic water and light, both can be used with 135ha, the effect is better.

‣The concentration of Filorga m10 is the lowest, and the bottle is 3ml. If you choose water, you can use m10.

‣Filoga m18 has a higher concentration, 1ml higher, which has a better effect on fine lines.

③Total: Choose +m10 or m18 based on the needs and requirements of the skin condition.

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②菲洛嘉mha10與mha18 是基礎水光,都可以搭配135ha用使,效果佳更。





「總人有問Fillmed菲洛嘉135ha,mha10,mha18的區是別什麼⁉️」 有 1 則評論
  1. 菲洛嘉水光針官網,一隻菲洛嘉夠打全臉嗎,菲洛嘉水光針加三文魚有啥功效,水光針三文魚和菲洛嘉哪個好,全球十大頂級護膚品牌,菲洛嘉水光針功效價格,菲洛嘉是玻尿酸還是水光針,打水光針的好處和壞處,菲洛嘉360眼霜適合什麼年齡,


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